Sunday, September 13, 2009

Worm Farm

So I have really been getting into gardening and composting with my students this year. They really seem to be enjoying it. So my next door neighbor, we shall call him Science Guy, showed me his worm compost (poop) bin and I thought it was so cool. So cool I wanted to start my own poop bin. Now Science Guy had a huge tupperware bin and I wanted something smaller and more doable especially since worms make me dry heave. So I grabbed a little file container I used in the past to put the new worms in. Science Guy told me I would have to drill holes all over the box in order to give them oxygen, he offered to bring in his drill to get it done. I kindly declined since our custodial staff had one. I decided to approach our custodian whom we shall call Bam Bam. I asked Bam Bam to help me drill holes throughout the box, he being the generous custodian he is kindly accepted. The first day the drill died on us so now holes were put in. The next day he came to help me out again and place holes on the box. Little did he know his own strength..... below are two pictures of the first hole he put inside my box. The three tiny holes next to the giant hole is what I was looking for.