Friday, December 27, 2013

Reindeer Juice Boxes

These little suckers were a hit at our family Christmas Party. The best part? They are a snap to make. 

Permanent Marker
Red Paper
Juice Boxes
Lunch Paper Bags
Pipe Cleaner.

I simply cut the paper bag to match the juice box. Taped it down. Glued pipe cleaner between the paper and the box. Glued on eyes and nose. Added mouth.

Other variations:
Turkey for Thanksgiving
Santa for Christmas


Miles made Christmas so fun this year! First we set up the tree BEFORE Thanksgiving this year, just for him.

We saw Santa. Of course he tried to steal Miles in his bag!

We visited Santa's reindeer at Thanksgiving Point.

We got a letter and candy from Santa in the mail. 

We visited Temple Square on Christmas Eve.

We were NICE.

We got lots of gifts to open on Christmas.


Matthew's Photos

This last semester Matthew was studying photography. For his final project he asked to study the life of a teacher. Here are some of his photos. For privacy, no direct pictures of my kids will be shown. :)Which sucks because some of those were the best!


Class Christmas Gifts

Aw, Christmas. A time of giving. This year was especially magical for my students. I hand made these ornaments for them as their gifts. We learn about heat conduction, so I used what I knew to melt crayons into these shatterproof balls using a hair dryer! Kids LOVED it.
I simply wrapped them in tissue paper and brought them in their original box. 

We have been talking about service this whole year. We work on decorating senior boxes for the food bank and sing Holiday Carols to our local assisted living home. We have been secretly doing service for a third grade class as well. We write them once a month and leave them surprises we have hand made each month as well. This month we made salt dough ornaments decorated in glitter. We NAILED them. Lol. The teacher willing let us set up a camera this month and we were able to watch their reactions. It was SPECTACULAR.

Another service we do is we work with the kindergartners. We love this. We have read to them, made math cookies, and this month handmade reindeer that you squeeze their mouth and they give you a kiss. This is very time consuming and you really need older kids to accomplish this task. All it was was canvas fabrics cut into and inch by inch, yarn, eyes, pipe cleaner, yarn needles, and kisses. Super sweet. We even added a yarn loop so they could be hung on their trees. 



It is going to be my goal to post more of the lessons/activities I do with my kids. I have been asked by many to post some of my ideas, but I am truly so into what I do I always forget. Therefore it shall be my goal to post one a week!

Sadly this is the end of our Egypt unit, but we did so many hands on activities including:

*Building the Nile
*Papyrus paper
*Salt dough mummies
*Building our own sarcophagus
*Mummifying an apple
*Egyptian Amulets
*Paper dolls of how the Egyptians dressed

The following is our amulets. I made a PowerPoint explaining the importance of amulets. If interested in a comment below place your email below and I will forward it. After we made salt dough using 3 cups of plain flour, 1 ½ cups of fine salt, 1 cup of cold water, and 2 tbsp of vegetable oil. We mixed the ingredients, let it refrigerate for an hour, while refrigerating we talked about what we needed protection or luck for. We wrote about it and sketched an idea. Once finished we created it. We left a whole so we could string it later and wear it around our neck. I of course took them home and baked them for 2 hours at 200.