Sunday, August 25, 2013

Miles over the last few months.

Life has become so crazy! Adjusting to motherhood takes a lot more effort than I though it would. I must say I have NEVER been happier. I wanted to show some of the progress and growth Miles has made over these last few months. I currently am unable to locate his weight records. I will update them next month after we visit his pediatrician.

Birth-March 2013

This picture was taken the day after he was born. Boy what a day! This day was full of so many emotions. We were so grateful and joyous that he was here, but terrified of the roads ahead.
Weight: 2 lbs 2 oz
Height: 14 in

1 month-April 2013
This was taken the day before he came home from the NICU! I remember bawling my eyes out the entire day. I was so terrified for this little 3 pounder to come home with me.
Weight: 3.09 lbs.
Height: 15.35 in.
Head: 11.4 in

2 months-May 2013
Look at how cute! I remember waking up every 2 hours in the day to feed him. It would always take at least an hour to feed him. I remember beginning to feel more comfortable around him. We started taking walks this month.
Weight: 5.07 lbs.
Height: 17.75 in.
Head: 12.8 in.

3 months- June 2013
Oh boy! We were allowed out of the house more often this month. We were even able to take Miles to go get pictures done. Of course we had to be the first their that day when everything was wiped down and unused, but we were able to get out! Miles personality started to come through slowly this month. He was beginning to smile.
Weight: 8.6 lbs.
Height: 20.28 in.
Head: 14.3 in.
4 months- July 2013
As you can see we were out more and more as time went by. Luckily Miles was born near the end of Spring so summer time was a great time for us to go for family walks. This month not only was he smiling constantly, but talking as well! We also took him to Oakley, Utah this month for a week of vacation in a cabin.
Weight: 11.82 lbs. (made the growth chart! 3%)
Height: 22.5 in.
Head: 15.4 in (made the growth chart! 1%)

5 Months-August 2013

We were able to bless Miles at church this month. We were afraid that Miles would be going under many operations this month, turns out he didn't need even one! Miles did however get pink eye and a cold! Matthew and I got ice cream to celebrate, his first illness. Hooray for immune systems! Miles is starting to grab toys and slowly getting the hang of rolling over. Even though it scares him every time we always celebrate. We went on vacation again this month to Vernal, Utah. We spent every night sleeping out in our family tent!
Weight: 13.54 lbs.
Height: 24.41 in. (made the growth chart! 8%)
Head: 16.0 in.

Miles 6 Months- Sept 2013
 Oh boy! I wish he would just stop growing so much! Miles has begun to laugh, be more confident in rolling over from back to front. He is starting to get more strength in sitting, and standing with lots of assistance. He is EATING! So far he has had rice, sweet potatoes, and green beans. Matthew claims that Miles refuses to sleep or take naps when he is watching him. I think it is cause Matt just can't leave this little fart be. It was decided this month that Miles will have to wear a helmet in order to reshape his head. We look forward to getting his head back to "normal."
Weight: 14.56 lbs.
Height: 24.75 in.
Head: 16.3 in.