Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Date 21: Visit a bakery

If you have not gone to this bakery you are missing out.
Matthew and I went for the first time this last week and loved every single bite. I have never heard of this bakery before, but had seen them on cupcake wars a few months ago. Since then they have been popping up everywhere. I would definately say they are worth the trip!

Date 20: BBQ

Matthew's mother Colleen is in Mexico this month! Since she is gone Matthew's dad and brother have been home alone to feed themselves! This date we decided to share the love. We BBQed chicken and pork sirlon! It was so much fun to have Matthew's family over and the food was absolutely delicious. It was fun to set up and prep everything with Matthew and cook together to feed many! The family that BBQ's together stays together. :)

Date 19: Volunteer

We love to do this together. We have always set out as a couple to find ways to help others. We have delivered food boxes to senior citizens, helped out nieghbors whenever we can, and most importantly family when necessary. For this date we have decided to keep the person we assisted a secret and let me enjoy the love! For list of local opportunities of places you can serve and help others click here. Get out and help!

Date 18: Blockbuster Night

Mission: Go to a movie store.
Rent a movie for Matt,
one for Mandy, 
and one for both.
Pop some popcorn and relax!

Date 17: Coldstone Ice Cream

We recieved a gift card from Christmas to go to coldstone.
We decided to save this card until we drew it and use it for a date! Yummy!
And such a beautiful view!

Date 16: Fly a Kite!

Oh my! What a blast this activity was!
We had such a great time launching one another's kites into the air
 running all over the place
 making fun of swooping into each other's kite strings
 getting spongebob and smurfs caught in trees and so much more!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Date 15: Board Games

We have so many board games in our closet. In fact, we listed a million of them for our wedding registry. So why weren't we pulling them out and playing them more often? Who knows! This was so much fun though. We moved the couch, coffee table, etc out of the main space. Sat down and played for hours! It was a blast. We did Old Maid, Go Fish, The Simpsons: Loser Takes All, etc. Time just flew by! We laughed and made jokes at one another and just kept playing. I made some delicious energy bites to pass the time with snacks. 

Energy bites:
1 cup oats
1 cup coconut flakes
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/3 cup psyllium husks (helps keep you running!)
1/2 cup chocolate chips
1/3 cup honey
vanilla to taste I did about a tablespoon

You can adjust to your liking. So yummy! Matt says they taste like rock cookies his parents make which he loves!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Date 14: Desert Star Playhouse

This week was our two year anniversary.... Yeah! We had such a great time together. We drew out for this week to go to Desert Star, well technically we drew this out a few weeks ago, but you have to buy seating a few weeks in advance. So it all worked out to be a great date to celebrate our marriage.
We ordered tickets to see The Princess Bridesmaid. What a great and hilarious show. I thought Matt was going to die from the laughter. I was so glad he was able to enjoy himself. Matthew even told them it was our anniversary so they announced our names and congratulated us on our two years of marriage! 

We even exchanged gifts. I got the most beautiful flowers in the world delivered to my school. I felt so specials and they had such a sweet little card attached. 

I got Matt a number of items. First this hilarious card! It reads: " Happy Anniversary to someone with a really cute butt!" 

Then as you open the card the man is clearly farting... Matthew says he is smoking!  

The inside reads: "Well...except when it talks!" I laughed so hard when I found this at the store. Yeah people were staring.
 I also got him so little things: golf club cleaner, golf tees, golf balls, beef jerky, candy, drinks, etc... 

But the one thing I really enjoyed, as did he was a page I printed in the shape of a heart that has words from our wedding day.  I found this website tagxedo and it allows you to put in as many words as you would like to describe, well anything. I put in a list of all sorts of things: the day, the temple, our reception area, for time and all eternity, McKnight, etc. Then choose the shape (a heart), our colors from the wedding (green/orange), then printed. He really loved the idea as did I. 

Here is another sample of what you can do. I love this website! 

Another great website that does the same thing only a little more simple: Wordle

Date 13: Going to a Sporting Event

Huge thanks and congrats to my cousin Chris. Congrats he finally graduated from the U, thanks because his graduation overlapped with a Blaze game so we go his tickets!
We went to dinner with my parents. Then to the game, best part was they won! It was a fun, inexpensive/free way to get together and enjoy each others company. It is always fun to watch Matthew get into the games since I normally don't watch very many with him. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Date 12: Bucket List

This week: Create your own bucket list. 

Amanda's List
  1. Ireland
  2. Venice
  3. Egypt
  4. New York
  5. Buy a motor-home
  6. Save over 20,000
  7. Be a mom
  8. Learn to drive a stick
  9. Try frog legs
  10. Learn Spanish
  11. Paris
  12. Leave behind history
  13. Swim with dolphins
  14. Australia
  15. Times Square on New Year's Eve
  16. Hot air balloon ride
Matthew's List
  1.  DisneyWorld
  2. Go to Europe
  3. Go on a cruise
  4. Go on a Disney cruise
  5. Drive a classic muscle car
  6. Drive a 67 Shelby Mustang GT500
  7. Road-trip in RV
  8. New york
  9. Learn to fly an airplane
  10. Be in a movie or TV show
  11. Sea World
  12. Universal Studios
  13. Meet the President of the United States
  14. Be part of a police escort
  15. Get backstage passes to a concert
  16. Route 66
  17. Disneyland before I die
  18. Go to an extremely fancy restaurant
  19. Visit all United State Temples
  20. Visit the Vatican.
This is much harder than it looks. I kept thinking about all the things I had already crossed off such as:

Buy a home
Get a degree
Get married

But it was fun to think big and do this together and match up our hopes and ambitions. Once we finished of course we watched the movie The Bucket List. It was a nice fit!
What's on your bucket list?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Date 11: Restaurant Hop

This is definitely a fun date! The idea is to head to three different restaurants in one night. The first restaurant is where you will get your appetizer, the second is meant for an entree, and the third and final is dessert. What a great time we had! First, appetizer, we decided on Applebee's, we love their sampler. So that is what we got. Here are our pictures from our first stop. :)

Next, it was our entree, yum, yum! We decided on Famous Dave's BBQ. So delicious. It was such a beautiful day we even decided to take this date outside.

 We were somewhat stuffed from earlier so we decided to split a meal on this one. Although it was still a lot of food. Oh well, leftovers!

There are definitely known for their sauce. Here they are lined up and us assigning one to our personalities! Lol.

Matt, was Devil's Spit...

Me? Sweet and Zesty...

Again, lots and delicious food... 

and a beautiful view, and a warm fireplace. 

 We were stuffed....

Last, but not least....DESSERT. We choose The Cheesecake Factory. We decided not to go in since we would have waited forever, instead it was to go orders and then to Wheeler Farm for a mini picnic.