Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Date 21: Visit a bakery

If you have not gone to this bakery you are missing out.
Matthew and I went for the first time this last week and loved every single bite. I have never heard of this bakery before, but had seen them on cupcake wars a few months ago. Since then they have been popping up everywhere. I would definately say they are worth the trip!

Date 20: BBQ

Matthew's mother Colleen is in Mexico this month! Since she is gone Matthew's dad and brother have been home alone to feed themselves! This date we decided to share the love. We BBQed chicken and pork sirlon! It was so much fun to have Matthew's family over and the food was absolutely delicious. It was fun to set up and prep everything with Matthew and cook together to feed many! The family that BBQ's together stays together. :)

Date 19: Volunteer

We love to do this together. We have always set out as a couple to find ways to help others. We have delivered food boxes to senior citizens, helped out nieghbors whenever we can, and most importantly family when necessary. For this date we have decided to keep the person we assisted a secret and let me enjoy the love! For list of local opportunities of places you can serve and help others click here. Get out and help!

Date 18: Blockbuster Night

Mission: Go to a movie store.
Rent a movie for Matt,
one for Mandy, 
and one for both.
Pop some popcorn and relax!

Date 17: Coldstone Ice Cream

We recieved a gift card from Christmas to go to coldstone.
We decided to save this card until we drew it and use it for a date! Yummy!
And such a beautiful view!

Date 16: Fly a Kite!

Oh my! What a blast this activity was!
We had such a great time launching one another's kites into the air
 running all over the place
 making fun of swooping into each other's kite strings
 getting spongebob and smurfs caught in trees and so much more!