Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Miracle 2

I never thought I would have to add more to my special little miracle story. Heavenly Father has blessed and inspired Matthew and our family and I feel that I must add more to the story I started last post.

The day was Monday, March 18th. I had just finished teaching and went to our weekly faculty meeting. I was a little concerned because I hadn't felt Miles kick at all today. Luckily there was a brownie and cookie to eat at the faculty meeting, because sugar usually gets Miles kicking, no luck. Matt was out of school due to Spring Break so I called him on my way home to pick me up a Diet Coke to drink. My doctor recommended that I drink a Coke and lay down for an hour to do a kick count if I don't feel him. Matthew being the wonderful husband he is bought me a Diet Coke and even cooked dinner as I waited the hour to feel Miles, no luck. Of course, I started to cry; I was completely at a loss of what to do, we were scheduled to meet Dr. Desano the next day at three. I wasn't feeling Miles, but didn't want to overreact. After talking it over with Matthew and listening to the promptings we decided the best thing to do was to go to the hospital and get things checked out. Luckily we did not wait, we have been told repeatedly by multiple nurses/doctors that had we waited even 12 more hours, we would not have had the outcome we had.

We arrived at the hospital shortly after 6 p.m. The receptionist took our information, asked us to sign documents to bill our insurance. At this point I almost walked out, when she asked us to sign for the insurance, I asked if this would be a emergency charge on my insurance, she responded, "we are very expensive, but well worth it." I just about crapped at that point, looked at Matt and asked him if we should wait until tomorrow when it would be included in our insurance. Of course he listened to the spirit and told me to get moving so we could know for sure.

They took me back to a delivery room and hooked me up to monitors. Thankfully we heard his heart beat right away so I was able to calm myself quickly. After a few minutes the nurse had pointed out that his heart rate had dropped dramatically which is unusual and that we would have to be there a few hours in order to monitor his rate. After about 10 minutes, she pointed out that his heart rate had risen, but was flat or keeping at a steady pace which is not normal because babies move causing their rates to rise and decrease, they very rarely stay constant. Next thing we knew more and more doctors where coming in and running tests on me. It wasn't until they decided to run an ultrasound that they found I had H.E.L.L.P. syndrome and that Miles had not been growing inside of me. He was developing internally but had not grown or gained weight. Within minutes they had a cap on me and were running me down to the operating room.

Within minutes (9:10 p.m. to be exact) Miles was out and being passed through the operating room into the NICU. When Miles was removed this was honestly the hardest part for me. I remember the surgeon talking to him sweetly and saying, "you are just a little peanut, you are so tiny!" I hadn't seen him of course, but I remember lying there crying as Matthew held my hand, and stroked my face. It was so hard to hear that and I felt so guilty that my child hadn't been growing inside me and I had no idea. After they had repaired my stomach they took me back to the delivery room and there was both Matthew and my parents. I had Matthew take them to go see him for the first time. I needed that time to be alone and accept what had just happened. I was shaking, cold, and having a nervous breakdown! I couldn't believe what just happened.

At 2:00 a.m. I was finally taken back in my bed to go see my little angel, Miles. I only saw him for a moment, I was so tired, exhausted, and ready to collapse. I had seen him, he was okay that was all I needed. I could finally just check out and sleep.

Miles was born about 7 weeks early, I was only 33.4 weeks pregnant when he came. He weighed 2 pounds, 2 ounces. He was 14 inches long. He was able to breathe on his own within minutes, but of course for safety and help he was placed on a respirator. He is a fighter. He is beautiful. He is absolutely wonderful, and most importantly he is mine! He is a complete miracle and a incredible gift from God. I am internally grateful for God's guidance in having Miles not kick at all that day and guiding us to Desano who gave us the medical advice we needed in order to know what to do. I am thankful for Matthew and the Holy Ghost for nudging us to go the hospital. I am eternally grateful for the doctors/nurses who took care of me and are currently taking care of Miles. I anxiously await the day when he will be released and able to come home to Matthew and I.