Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chris is back!

I never knew how dependent I was on my cousin Chris until he went to see some family in New Mexico....

Here are just some examples:

*Chris and I go to the gym 5 am in the morning during the week, apparently I won't go unless I know for sure he is going.
*I love the new pancakes at Village Inn, I won't go unless Chris goes with me.
*I was debating to go to a family party last week cause he wasn't gonna be there. I went, but thought about not going repeatedly.
*His wife is the only wife I can really get along with and enjoy myself. Amy (Chris' wife) is the type of woman that you are so comfortable around you want to grab a flavored soda, kick back and 'shoot the breeze' with. I love it when she is around and hate it when she works, just like Chris. :) If she wasn't married to Chris I would still want to be her friend. In short, she is really cool.
*I don't hold Office night unless there is a chance he just 'might' show up.
*He is the only person I will go to 5 or 6 different restaurants with on a Saturday afternoon.

Anyways I hope I am making a point here and Chris will read this. Those who know me know I am very independent and this is just becoming a handicap. :) I am glad he is home...