Thursday, September 15, 2011

Purple Mashed Potatoes

    A student comes in this morning and asks if I can refrigerate her lunch for her today, she is so excited, cause it is purple mashed potatoes. I normally never do these types of things for students, with good reason, I have to send them to the faculty room to put it in, it takes time from their P.E. and my lunch. Against my better judgment I allow her to go put it in the fridge and come get it from me before her lunch. At lunch time she comes and knocks on the door, I hand her her lunch and she tells me it must be microwaved! I sigh and ask her how long (I knew it was a trap at this moment, lol.)
   So I microwave it for 2 minutes as requested. I pull it out of the microwave and I begin to panic, there is a massive amount of steam rising form the bowl, and the potatoes are making this loud gurgling noise? The other teachers start to laugh and wonder what the heck is going on with that student's lunch. I heard one ask is it a bomb (jokingly)? I run it out to her and ask what it is. She has no idea. We take off the lid and find that she forgot to remove her cold pack from on top of the potatoes!
    She was just horrified at this point, her purple potatoes are blue and she has no lunch or money to buy lunch. I send her to my class to grab my purse and pay for her food today. At the end of the day I read her planner and what she learned:
   Today I learned that Mrs. McKnight really educated me last year on chemical reactions. I now know that if I ask Mrs. McKnight to microwave my purple potatoes for 2 minutes with the cold pack on it creates steam that causes her to evacuate a room and makes a noise that is extremely loud. Most of all it ruins my lunch.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Today we were reading about airplanes and the Wright Brothers. I am still trying to figure out how but we went from planes- to astronaut food- to fiber- to what happened to Charlie one time when he ate a box of fiber bars. Once Charlie shared his story about the fiber bars I had tears rolling down my face!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mid-sleep conversations

Another mid-sleep conversation with Matthew:
Me: Where did you put your mom's tickets that were on the bed?
Matt: On my journal
Me: You don't have a journal.
Matt: I know
Me: Honey, listen where is your journal and the tickets?
Matt: With the oil pump.

Apparently my husband is having a dream about writing about an oil pump in his journal?