Saturday, September 28, 2013

Family Photos

I have made these photos my own family traditions. I love them and I love that each photographer does there own thing each time to make them better or more unique.

Miles at 1 month:

 Miles at 3 months:

 Miles at 6 months

Miles at 9 Months

I can't wait until he is 35 and we are still taking these pictures with him! Lol. I hope we will keep up with this idea as long as Miles will let us.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I love being a teacher

Found this letter under my keyboard after school today. Too cute!

Monday, September 2, 2013

My thoughts on being a mom.

Yesterday at church the sweetest little girl drew this picture of our family. I am the one with the beaver hat on my head. It is meant to represent my pony tail. The M one can only assume and hope stands for MOM! Lol. I can't get over how fun it is to be a mom. I thought being an aunt was the best thing in the world (still is), but nothing can compare to your own little baby.

I love when he gets up in the night and screams his sweet little head off until you put the bottle in his mouth. Then he becomes the cuddliest little thing.

I love when he first discovered he could scream, now when he talks he adds the screams in there. It is so fun to watch him go red in the face with a scream while smiling. It is also hilarious when he throat dries up and he coughs right after his screams.

I love when I pick him up from his aunt Gwenda's that when he sees me he smiles and practically kicks right out of her hands.

I love that he is so social and sweet to everyone he meets.

I love when we read to him he lights up and talks the ENTIRE time through the book.
I love that he is a fighter. He's been a fighter since he was in my belly. The only reason he is here is because he is such a fighter.

I love that he has grown. Okay Matt will argue that I really don't love this one since every time he moves up a size I bawl like a 4 year old, but I love seeing him succeed and grow.

I love that he is mine all mine!

I love that his sweet cousins just adore and watch after him. Ellie and I called grandma one day after hanging out together and Ellie told grandma, "I have to watch Miles, grandma. I HAVE to watch him." They really look out for him and interact well with him.

Last one for today, I love being a complete family. I always loved being married, but now I love calling us a family! Miles has definitely brought that to us.