Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I finally reset my blog

The reason for my not updating or posting on my blog is because I forgot my username and password. This is about the 3rd time I have reset my information for this blog and it never seems to get easier to remember my username and password.... Anyways here is what is new.

A new roommate moved in this week. She is amazing and the best part about her is her name! Can you guess what it is? I give you a few guesses before telling you. She is really laid back and loves to go the the gym like me she just joined my gym GOLD'S and loves it like me. I really like how sincere she is too. Here is an example, my cousin Chris passed his disgusting cold to me this week and tonight she offered to go to the store and get me some medication or whatever I may need to feel better. I really appreciated that one.

Anyways next subject. Although Chris made me ill the day before Thanksgiving I still love him. He is the greatest, I received a free laptop from my school and wanted help setting it up and getting things to work with it. He of course came over and set me up with some wireless Internet as well as uploaded programs to my computer to make it work even better. What a cool guy.

Linking off of a previous subject, school. I love my class a ton for those of you who are not aware. I was teaching 5th grade last year and moved up to 6th this year and am lucky enough to have some of the same students this year. Anyways, I just love them and here is why... Last week I got up on a chair to grab a headset for a student upon approaching the ground the chair came back and smashed my leg and knocked me over. They were so worried, they paniced and screamed a little, I finally convinced them that I was ok and got them to put themselves together. Little did I know that I was bleeding severely. Apparently my blood was seeping through my jeans and was all over the floor, oh man did this set them off. They were begging me to take care of it and some were crying. So I called down to the office and had someone come cover me while I repaired my wound. Eventually everything was ok and I ended up bleeding for the rest of the day and with a really awesome bruise all over my leg. Regardless, I love my class they make me feel loved. :)
Here is an attempted picture of my bruised up leg.


Kyle Andrew said...

i really enjoyed the picture of your wounded leg. your legs have been through a lot. remember that time when you got all cut up from the olive oil bottle? i can't wait to meet your roommate!
ps- you forgot to put your new roommates name in the blog. . . good thing i already know

Amanda Mantas said...

I didn't put it there on purpose. You were supposed to guess. It is pretty easy and it a great name!

Chris Ludlow said...

I am sooooooo sorry for making you sick that day :( I need to learn how to construct a bubble that will keep all of my nasty germs away from ppl while I am sick...

Anyways, I found your blog! bwahaha.

Amanda Mantas said...

That's all I am asking of you Chris. Please get to work on the bubble.