Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time to reflect...

Today was the last official day with my students. Boy will I miss them. What an amazing class, full of so much life, energy, humor, and personality. I can't wait til next year. Here is a reflection of some of my good times with my kids this year:
  • First day-they were totally over the honeymoon period at 10 am that day (little brats), since I had half of them the year before. Speaking of which I remember going home every night my first year of teaching and just crying. I had no idea what I was doing and was so afraid of messing them up. Norberto my sweet little Norberto who came to me speaking no English and first day in a new country said to me today, "Miss Mantas thank you for teaching me to read, write and speak in English these last two years." Best moment of my life to date!
  • fraction cookies- nothing like setting off the fire alarm!
  • Coraline- educating students in more way than one that day, academics and street smarts.
  • Mini solar system activity- designed by my student teacher, great activity with toilet paper, bad weather....
  • Math activities with the Random Name Picker-boy do the kids love their probability.
  • CRT week- many games and nicknames discovered, I was there after known as Mint
  • Classic skating- I died my hair pink and bladed all day
  • June 8th- water fight and class video need i say more?
Amazing class with amazing memories. They will be missed. I look forward to seeing great things from them in the years to come.


~Mindy~ said...

Oh, how sweet! Thanks for sharing those cute memories with us! You know you almost make me want to be a teacher...almost. :)

Amanda Mantas said...

You are so cute. Thank you. You would be an amazing teacher, but you are already an amazing trainer! You would adapt so quickly. :)