Saturday, August 29, 2009

One week down!

This week was really fun to spend with this new class. I really missed my kids from the last 2 years for the first few days, but I got over that quickly. This new class has so much personality, they really like to get into the "what if's," I love it for the most part until they go off on it for longer than I like, but heck they are curious. We built some solar ovens this week and cooked pizzas in them and plan to make some smores next week. I will have to get some pictures of their ovens and post them. They are really quite clever. We brought in three items that described ourselves as well and the kids really got into it. I taught them table rumbles (thank you Convergys for teaching me that one). Overall a really get introduction week with this class. I think this year will be a fun and creative year for us.

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