Saturday, January 24, 2009

Reasons why I like hockey games....

1. The fights
2. The fights
3. The cute men on skates
4. The people I sit next to that I get to meet
5. Only 3 periods, not 4
6. The kids on the jumbo TV that dance like fools
7. You parents get on the jumbo TV and have no idea
8. The fights
9. Go into overtime
10. Go from overtime to sudden death shootouts
11. Free things come from the ceiling
12. Hitting your sister with the free things that came from the ceiling
13. Getting out for time with family
14. Pulling into the parking area, I love how they guide you through and you never know whether to stop or go.
15. The people that coach you into a stall and tell you where to park and you must pull through so you won't have to back up after
16. Screaming your head off

Everyone should experience at least one game. They are a ton of fun to be at and you can take my list and check them off as you go through out the day. Sounds like a challenge? :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Master's Degree

I have found the next big step to take in my life. I want to get my master's degree. Of course that statement just terrifies the crap out of me. I am afraid for my students and how they will suffer, my sanity, my family, my friends, and my future. I am excited though because it will be in technology and in a small cohort, with lots of help, no thesis, no exams, will not start until hopefully the summer and will result in more money.
If things go as I am hoping and I get into this particular college it should result in the above. I am starting to think though I will definately need to stop the Europe trips for the next two years, plan a big one for when I am finished (this will definately push me through); also start looking into a job to start in the summer and the weekends throughout the school year. Any suggestions on where I should go in two years and what job I should look into? Post them here!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I read Kyle's goals for the new year.

Today I decided to log back into my blog and catch up on what has been going on in everyones lives. It of course took me an hour or so to remember my password, but at last I was able to over come that heep in my life and log in. Once logged in I started looking at my favorite blog by Kyle Mantas only to discover his goals for the new year, boy was I surprised.
Let me give you some background....Kyle is one of my favorite people for so many reasons:

1. He goes to the gym with me
2. He comes to Office night
3. He understands my dry sense of humor
4. Takes offense at my dry sense of humor
5. Is really great at getting along with my other favorite cousin Chris
6. Started cousin night which we haven't been the best at keeping up on but it isn't his fault
7. Has a contagious laugh
8. Smiles a lot
9. Helps out my kids and me at school
10. Can dance like you wouldn't even believe
11. Does stupid things to prove a point
12. Is one of those people you constantly want to be around because you know he can make you greater
13. Thinks Todd is cute just like me
14. He is a super rare person but has no idea
15. He always wants to better himself
16. Isn't afraid of looking stupid
17. Is genuine about helping anyone and everyone
18. Has talent like you wouldn't believe
19. Gives you goosebumps when he plays
20. Can conquer almost anything life gives him

If you already don't hate Kyle enough keep reading....

Anyways, Kyle announced to me this year that it was his goal to perhaps attend BYU; as you can imagine this crushed me. :) Only because I love him so much. So it was then that I decided to start a bet on how soon he would be married, since those who go to BYU usually go with some other agenda (don't get me wrong here, BYU is great and all but most people go there to get hitched. I am not saying that ALL people go for this reason, but it a reputation). It was a huge hit everyone wanted in on this bet we even had to start a google calendar to keep up with everyones month they choose. Kyle as you can guess acted less than pleased about this event even though I know deep down he loved the attention.

Anyways back to my original point. Kyle listed his goals as follows can you guess which one set me off today?

My goals: The Year Two Thousand and Mine

Move out of my parents house.
Write more songs.
Go back to school.
Find a woman.
Accept defeat.
Buy woman big ring.
Live happily ever after

Love you lots Kyle, but we need to talk.... Especially about the month I have money placed in on the bet....