Saturday, January 24, 2009

Reasons why I like hockey games....

1. The fights
2. The fights
3. The cute men on skates
4. The people I sit next to that I get to meet
5. Only 3 periods, not 4
6. The kids on the jumbo TV that dance like fools
7. You parents get on the jumbo TV and have no idea
8. The fights
9. Go into overtime
10. Go from overtime to sudden death shootouts
11. Free things come from the ceiling
12. Hitting your sister with the free things that came from the ceiling
13. Getting out for time with family
14. Pulling into the parking area, I love how they guide you through and you never know whether to stop or go.
15. The people that coach you into a stall and tell you where to park and you must pull through so you won't have to back up after
16. Screaming your head off

Everyone should experience at least one game. They are a ton of fun to be at and you can take my list and check them off as you go through out the day. Sounds like a challenge? :)


Chris Ludlow said...

Sounds like you had a blast!!! You're parents were on the jumbo-tron??? That's awesome!

We should go to a hockey game as a way to rejuvenate the whole "cousins night" :) Eh? Eh? Eh?

Amanda Mantas said...

Yeah it sure does. we need to talk to kyle.

Anonymous said...

*singing off key* Whatever the cost is I'll buy it!

oh pls remember