Thursday, June 24, 2010

How did we meet?

This seems to be the most common question asked when it comes to Matthew and I so I better document it. We originally met online at I know right, you never think you would meet and fall in love with someone online, at least I never did, but it seems more and more these day's people are meeting online.

We flirted back and forth for just a few days. Then one night I caught him online, we chatted quickly and exchanged numbers. Matthew sent me a text later that night and asked me out for the next day! Boy was he onto something. We met at Hollywood Connection and went mini-golfing. It was a blast, he had me laughing from beginning to end. We met November 11, 2009. It was of course cold and we brought coats. Cute Matt hauled them suckers around from hole to hole. Impressive, I thought.

After mini-golf we just sat and talked for hours about anything and everything. It was going amazingly until he told me he was a cancer survivor. Not that I don't like cancer survivors, but what are you supposed to talk about after that topic? How I stubbed my toe once? Needless to say unfortunately the date ended shortly after. He walked me to my car, I called him Michael, and he politely corrected me and said that his name was in fact, Matthew. We drove off, he left me in the dust with his sports car, and we having been talking everyday since.



Ashley Jones said...

Awww, I love it. That is very sweet. Glad you two are doing good and I love your new title too!

Amie said...

So cute. How lame is it that I didn't know this story and I am your cousin! You guys are so cute together!

~Mindy~ said...

Ha ha, I think that's cute! So glad you told the story!

corieanne7 said...

That might be the funniest thing I have ever read. :) Way to stick with her matt