Friday, July 23, 2010

How I got my job

Told this story at lunch the other day. Grandma suggested I put it on my blog.

People always ask how I got hired at the school I student taught at. Well, it is actually very unusual. I told the principal ahead of time I was going to Europe. I wanted to interview, but needed to know when since I would be out of town for nearly a month! He never gave me an answer, just told me to keep checking. I came to the decision that I would just go and find other opportunities when I returned home. Little did I know I had someone else looking out for me (Howard Mitchell-my student teaching mentor).

I was in Germany when I came into our hotel for the night and we were to go get our keys and meet up with our group for dinner. Everyone was finding their keys easily and without a problem. I went up to the counter and couldn't find our room key. I finally asked, "Do you have a room key for Amanda and Jackie?" The front desk lady got that horrified look in her eyes and asked, "Are you Amanda?" I thought oh crap, someone died. She hands me my key with a note on it that said


My tour guide starts freaking out and stops everything, the dinner, everything. We have to find a computer, we find one in a lounge but you must pay for each minute with your coins.

I finally get logged in to find and email from Howard, Dr. Aslett, and my mom. I open hers first, she tells me Mr. Mitchell has called the University, her work, and home to speak with her to get a hold of me to interview at Escalante. She had called a few times but we weren't in and left a note. I finally stop panicking and start emailing back everyone. A week later I interviewed over the phone in Switzerland with the Escalante staff. It was quite entertaining and they seemed to ask a lot about Europe instead. :) Came back a few days later, got a contract offer. I would definitely say with a little luck and help from friends, I ended up with a really cool job. Thanks Howard and Mom.

I must add, when I returned home I did chew my mom out about the note. Next time I requested she put no one has died, check your email at your convenience!


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Kyle Andrew said...

there's no better to place to get a scary note than at a random hotel in europe.