Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hope ya know, I had a hard time

This week has been a really hard week. First our dishwasher was flooding our kitchen. Matt and I came home one night to a soggy wet floor. This happened a few months ago and we thought it was the fridge so we replaced it. A few months later it happened again after doing many at home test we determined it was our dishwasher causing the flood this time. As of lately we haven't been to good with our finances and were worried about buying a new dishwasher so we hired a repair man to come out and look at it and possibly repair the old dishwasher for 100 or less instead of buying one for 300 or more. He informed us it was done and over with as a dishwasher and it is either pay 300 to repair or buy a new one. We bought a new one last night a top of the line used Kitchen-Aid so hopefully it will take care of us for a few years to come.

Yesterday we also found out my neighbors have been flooding our condo again. Last time it was just a few days and only our bathroom ceiling was ruined. This time it is the kitchen, bathroom, and part of the living room. I am so exhausted and tired at this point. Matthew has a doctor's appointment tomorrow to get some problems he is having examined as well. I am just praying and hoping the lord will guide us and help our poor little home and family.

I am just waiting for Monday to come around and start a new week. Hopefully things will start going our way. We finally got our lives to where we wanted it to be, we were praying and reading scriptures together. We had a scheduled routine of gym, dinner, scriptures, TV/movie/babies/temple, prayer, bed. It was working so well, we only got it to work for a day because this came along. If we can get back to this schedule and not let this get in our way I feel confident the lord will bless us and let us continue to grow together. One thing that has given me some comfort through this is this video link below, very moving and reminds me to look at the big picture. We definitely need to look outside our problems and find someone who is in true and silent need.



Amie said...

Satan always tries to mess with you when you are doing the right thing. He tries to distract you and get you off your schedule of doing the right things. It seems like he was trying you guys this week. I hope things settle down for you two and you are able to get back to your schedule.

Love ya guys!

Ashley Jones said...

I'm sure things will settle down soon. Hang in there! Hope everything went well for Matt at the doctor.

Stacy Kay said...

Wow! Needed that. Glad to hear that everything is in the all clear now.