Saturday, June 26, 2010

How did he pop the question?

Another famous question asked of newly weds, "How did he ask you?" Well this one is kind of unique and quite a long story. During December we had been talking about marriage and how we want to be married one day. We had decided to spend Christmas apart from one another since it would be one of the last times for us to be just with our families. This was a huge mistake, we ended up missing each other so much that we decided we REALLY needed to look into marriage. New year's day we went ring shopping. I told Matthew after we found the ring that he needed to give me time to adjust to this idea of marriage (I never really was the kind of girl to plan my wedding day or think that I would ever fall in love, so I needed to wrap my head around this). I asked him to wait 1-2 months, then give me the ring. This would give him enough time to ask my dad and plan a way to ask. We also decided that July 21st would be a good day to marry, since I would be out of school and we could have the summer and I could plan the wedding during my break. We eventually moved it forward to May 13th because as you will soon find out I am a quick planner.

Being the girl I am I just had to tell my mom. I called her up and told her the news and the whole story. She suggested we start looking for reception places to reserve since many people get engaged around Valentine's and it was coming up then they'd be booking around the same time as us. Make sense, right? Smart mom. Anyways that weekend we went looking at reception centers. I found my center after just looking at two places. I knew I wanted Silvercrest, so we booked it. Since we found my location so quickly, Erin (who came with, she is the best! Oh yes and Ellie my wedding consultant) and my mom suggested we look at dresses. I found mine by the second dress. Ok, place and dress, what's next? Oh, the cake. Yeah decided on that after looking at a few ideas on the wall. Three major items were accomplished in only a few hours! We left that morning at noon, were done with the cake plan by 3 (I am so not picky, it is the day not the "stuff"). So Matt calls to check in, I tell him all the things we accomplished his response,

"I thought you were only looking at reception places."
"I know but we found it so quickly, so we did the rest. Oh honey, I need the ring."
"I wanted to give it to you, but you told me to wait."
"Yeah, about that, I changed my mind."

I know, way to pressure him and put him on the spot. This day was Saturday, January 9, 2010. I told him though "I won't accept the ring until you get my father's permission." So Monday, January 11, 2010 he goes to ask my father. I knew he was going to ask so I set my sister Nicole up to be my spy. I asked her to go to her room when he gets there call me and ease drop. She did a pretty good job. ;) Although she couldn't hear too much she got the idea of the conversation and the important stuff, like my father saying yes. Oh best part about this, Nicole answered the door and what does Matt say, "Is HE here?"

We went to dinner after with my parents, Matt then went back to his house, told his parents "she wants the ring NOW," grabbed it and took me back to my condo. A few hours later he asked me to close my eyes (I heard him get up and close the ring box, so I knew it was coming :P). I opened my eyes, he was on his knee, and he asked "Amanda Kae Mantas, will you marry me?" The rest is history.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

How did we meet?

This seems to be the most common question asked when it comes to Matthew and I so I better document it. We originally met online at I know right, you never think you would meet and fall in love with someone online, at least I never did, but it seems more and more these day's people are meeting online.

We flirted back and forth for just a few days. Then one night I caught him online, we chatted quickly and exchanged numbers. Matthew sent me a text later that night and asked me out for the next day! Boy was he onto something. We met at Hollywood Connection and went mini-golfing. It was a blast, he had me laughing from beginning to end. We met November 11, 2009. It was of course cold and we brought coats. Cute Matt hauled them suckers around from hole to hole. Impressive, I thought.

After mini-golf we just sat and talked for hours about anything and everything. It was going amazingly until he told me he was a cancer survivor. Not that I don't like cancer survivors, but what are you supposed to talk about after that topic? How I stubbed my toe once? Needless to say unfortunately the date ended shortly after. He walked me to my car, I called him Michael, and he politely corrected me and said that his name was in fact, Matthew. We drove off, he left me in the dust with his sports car, and we having been talking everyday since.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Not sure my title works any more.

So the title let's talk "A-man-da-Man" tas won't work anymore since that is no longer my last name. I now need a new title? What to call it? Any ideas? New name Amanda McKnight, not that it needs to be a play on words, but it must be original and not an overdone title. For example, not really into Amanda and Matthew McKnight ( this works for many and if it comes down to it I may just go with it). I like it to be unique. Ugh, so difficult. Give me some ideas, porfavor. :)


Friday, June 11, 2010

Up to date

So it had been awhile and I REALLY need to update my blog. So here is what has happened this year:

Met a guy, married him.
Built a hoop house, built it again, and again. Gave up.
Learned that the current years class will always live up to last years class. EVERYTIME! Dang kids. :)
Finished the year with amazing scores, moving to 5th next year.
Started my master's, dying in the attempt to just keep up.
To date condo is in threat of being flooded by the season going from winter to summer, yeah no spring so it seems. So far we are ok.

Sadly, that is everything up to date. Maybe I will put more details on some later? Or start listing my favorites as I see my cousin Kyle is doing.