Sunday, March 4, 2012

Date 5: Dollar Movie

I'll explain the horrible picture later on. This date turned out to be a double date, with my mom and dad! My mom called and invited us to dinner. I, in turned, asked her if they would like to join Matt and I on our dollar date movie! 

We had such a fun time. First we went to wingers! Yum. Matt and I even ordered the Avalanche Pie! 

After dinner we decided on the movie we would see. We decided to watch In Time. The new movie with Justin Timberlake. It was definitely an action packed movie!

Now for the dark pictures. We forgot our actual camera on this date. Luckily Matt had his camera phone. So we decided to attempt to take a few pictures. I actually think they are funny. We look like floating heads!

This one didn't turn out too bad!

Very cheap and fun date to go on. I am starting to learn all these dates are fun, it is the company and the time that make us happy. We just need to make time to do them.  

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