Saturday, March 31, 2012

Date 8: Sleepover

Such a fun date this one was. 
We went to the store and bought treats

popped popcorn
got in our PJ's
 got our air mattress out
set up the bed, blankets, and pillows

snuggled up and watched our favorite show, Malcolm in the Middle.

Date 7: Brownies

Simple, inexpensive date. Again it is about spending time together not the amount of money spent. :) We, by we I mean Matt, made some delicious brownies. It was fun to be together and watch Matt get into this one. He even let me choose what we would watch while they cooked and while we ate. They were yummy!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Date 6: Rockband

This one was geared to Matthew. I love Rock-band, but it is definitely his thing. We made some rocking poses, and we were not fooling around! This was a free inexpensive date. We took turns choosing songs and just rocked the night away.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Date 5: Dollar Movie

I'll explain the horrible picture later on. This date turned out to be a double date, with my mom and dad! My mom called and invited us to dinner. I, in turned, asked her if they would like to join Matt and I on our dollar date movie! 

We had such a fun time. First we went to wingers! Yum. Matt and I even ordered the Avalanche Pie! 

After dinner we decided on the movie we would see. We decided to watch In Time. The new movie with Justin Timberlake. It was definitely an action packed movie!

Now for the dark pictures. We forgot our actual camera on this date. Luckily Matt had his camera phone. So we decided to attempt to take a few pictures. I actually think they are funny. We look like floating heads!

This one didn't turn out too bad!

Very cheap and fun date to go on. I am starting to learn all these dates are fun, it is the company and the time that make us happy. We just need to make time to do them.  

Date 4: Mexican Night

There are many things you must be when you are married. You must be a girlfriend, a wife, a cook, a listener, a positive role-model, and so on. This week I had to be creative and flexible!

This week was my grandfathers 80th birthday on the night that we have our weekly date. For many this would present a problem. For Matthew and I, no way! I just picked out a list of dates that would fit my grandfathers party. It actually works wonderfully to have a date night on a family party. It is just like meeting the family again for the first time, not really, but if you remember you are on a date it changes how you act around one another. You open doors, say thank you, hold hands, etc. We always do these things, but you do them more often when you are in "date" mode. 
 Here we are setting up. Well really taking pictures as we set up. But here is how great it all looked. I love the balloons and want to get some when my students graduate 6th grade this year. 

For my grandfathers birthday we had tacos, this fit perfectly under Mexican Night.  

My mother collected tons of pictures to display of my grandpa. So handsome!

 She also complied a list of all things that happened the year he was born.

We had a yummy dinner, then gave him his gifts. He had so much fun opening them.

The little ones had fun climbing in and out of the gift boxes!

Matthew and I stuck with the 80 them. We gave him 80 dum dums, 80 calorie corn tortillas, 80 mini bags of candy, 80 ounces of diet coke, a card with 80 monkeys on the card (I drew some in), and 80 pain relievers! Jack loved and handed out all of grandpas dum dums!
 My Aunt Cheryl made delicious cupcakes and decorated them so cute! Ellie just gobbled them up!

My mom made a gluten free carrot cake for my grandpa. 

 After cake and ice cream. My grandma and grandpa danced to some of the songs they used to dance too. 
Then we all danced to the music we love!

Such as great time with such a great family! I hope my 80th turns out just as wonderful!