Friday, February 27, 2009

People you never forget

There are very few people in life who have left a mark in my life. They have left such a deep mark that I think about the times we have had together all the time. I strive to be like them and would pay good money to be around their energy. Here is the sad part, we move on and take new careers, make other friends, and begin to loose contact.

This week I had a blast from the past come to my school, Jamison. Not only was I able to see him again and be around everything I strive to be but he taught my kids too! It was so fun, he had so much energy and passed it on to my kids. Jamison brought his dog Rooger which was so much fun for the kids and taught them a lesson along with it, you see Rooger is a dog who searches schools for drugs, alcohol, and guns. It was such a great and positive impact for the kids not only to play with a dog but learn about how serious it is and the consequences their choices can bring.

I will never forget the impact it had on my students and to hear their excitement and energy around Jamison and Rooger.

Huge thanks to my friend Jamison and Rooger!

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savage said...

you mean the world to me!! I dont know if i deserve your comments, but it warms my heart that you would feel that way around me. Pay good money? Should I charge? Just kidding, It was worth it to see you loving what your doing, and seeing the respect in their eyes. Your making a impact that most of us only dream about.
Keep it up!! The world only needs you, so dont slack off!! tee hee