Monday, October 18, 2010

Quick catch up. Since Matt's Birthday.

Here is what has been happening in my life the last few weeks. Made salsa with my mom! Who knew canning could be so fun? Next time, Apple sauce, salsa even chunkier, and peaches!

Went to park city with mom, Erin, Jellsters, and Nikki. Shopping and playing all day is just as fun as it ever was!That same weekend the bathroom and the kitchen were finally finished due to the flooding a few months ago. It looks great compared to what it used to be.Went to see Inception with Matthew's cousin Heather on Thursday since this last week was UEA. Great, intense movie. Went to the races with Matt, Scott and Erin. We also hit up Nickelcade and Social Network. Loved Social Network, again Geeks rule! Today made some homemade raspberry, walnut ice cream and pumpkin cookies!


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corieanne7 said...

1) i dont believe you about canning being fun.
2) I love your condo. love it. Im really jealous of your bed spread. We just got a new one and i like it, but what i really wanted was something like you have... dang...