Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm Still Alive

I feel quite stupid. I have been reading everyone's blog throughout these last few months but have never updated mine. I always want to update my blog but feel it isn't as fun since I have no pictures and I always forget to take my camera everywhere. Alas, I will have to just write without it. Everything has been going great this year so far. Still working on getting my master's, teaching 5th grade, updating the website, and teaching technology at school. At home everything is wonderful with Matt. He is great and very supportive of my life outside of school. I was nominated this year to serve on my home owner's board. I am excited but nervous as well. It is a lot to handle with my master's, watching Jack and Ellie (my favorite day), volunteering at the sharing place, and being a ward missionary. I love it though everyday holds something new and exciting for me. That's pretty much me up to date. Hope to catch up again soon.


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