Wednesday, January 8, 2014

An Alphabet Bestiary Book

As promised, more of my class activities! We are currently moving into our space unit. I decided it was time to add some creative writing to our day. First I gave the kids play dough and asked them to create a create that could live on another planet. It could be a planet in our solar system or in another solar system. It doesn't matter, but be creative. Think about how is he gonna protect himself, where does he live, what does he eat and so on. Below is my alien, Macaroni:
Next we created a alphabet book. The dots are from Macaroni walking across the book. Each page measured 8 by 4.5 inches the cover was 14 by 5 inches so I could the cover back to back to make it look more professional. Below is the book: 
Next we started the Bestiary. Each page is dedicated to a letter in the alphabet. This is not finished we are just starting. A is for appetite, B is for Basics.....Z is for Zoom.
Each letter will be illuminated. This is a technique used in the Middle Ages. I started my A above and added some depth and a bug at the top meaning he will eat bugs. 
Once each page is set we will go into further detail on the information. Such as Macaroni like to eat bugs, bugs give him the juice to make it through his day. His favorite bug is called a mockroach. The point is to use your imagination and make it into anything you want. This will be written along the bottom and a picture will be drawn in the middle. Stay tuned for more to come.

Below these are other aliens created by my students. Some are made from salt dough others play dough.


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