Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Things I Learn From My Students.

Me: Ok kids we are going to work on our hoplite shields today. Remember the scarier the better use scropions, lions, cyclops, etc. No flowers, unicorns, bunnies, kittens, nothing cute. Yes Mario?
Mario: Mrs. McKnight would a unicorn with a dead bunny on his horn quailfy as scary?
Me: *sigh* Yes Mario, yes it would.

Story Problem:
A company offers a payment plan for any item that costs over $200. You must make a $100 down payment and the rest must be split into three payments. What was the original cost if the payments were $250?

One students accidentally added the down payment into the three payments. This in turn made her over pay $200. She was great and let me use her mistake as an example. I told her that as the store owner I would keep her money because she didn't know how to do the math, her problem, not mine. Then the class started to discuss what I could buy with her money, a Kindle Fire, toys for Miles, lots of food, clothes, etc. We finally decided that we could buy my 9 month old child his own set of POWERWHEELS! Lol. It was great to imagine.

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