Tuesday, January 31, 2012

52 Date Ideas

    Since we have been married, life has been so hectic for Matthew and I that we never make time to have dates. I complied a list of 52 mini-dates or actual dates for us to go on over the next year, hence the number 52. Some are very simple and cost nothing and some cost money and require more time. I figure as long as we give ourselves the opportunity we will be able to spend that valuable time together. It was very simple and you may use my list or pick and choose from my list. After I complied the ideas I printed them, cut them up, glued them to card stock, and placed them in a small box. Of course some are designed for winter and some for summer, when we hit that road block we will readjust. Lol. Stay tuned, if all goes well I plan to post each date with ideas and activities!

1. Mandy’s Choice 2. Walk around mall 3. Dollar Movie
4. Picnic 5. 20 questions 6. Temple
7. Board Games 8. Matt’s Choice 9. Chili’s
10. Blockbuster 11. Local Park 12. Fly Kites
13. Netflix 14. Ice Cream 15. Fondue
16. Go for a walk 17. MegaPlex 18. Cabella’s
19. Park City 20. Caramel Apples 21. Desert Theater
22. Stargazing 23. Go for a drive 24.Ice Cream Sundae
25. Yard Sale $5each 26. Gym 27. Volunteer
28. Bowling 29. Mexican Night 30. Italian Night
31. Order Pizza 32. $5 for Deseret Industries 33. Do You Know your Wife/Husband?
34. Visit a bakery 35. Bucket List 36. Nicklecade
37. Rockband 38. Kinect 39. Golf
42. Homemade Pizza 40. Sleepover 41. Spa night
43. Restaurant hop-Appetizer, Entrée, Deseret 44. Go to a sporting event
45. Walk around a college campus 46. Cook Dinner Together 47.Minigolf
48. BBQ 49. Cookies 50. Watch a sport together of Matt’s choice
51. Caramel popcorn 52. Find a City Deals Activity

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karensmith said...

These are great date ideas! Dates don't have to be always dinner outs but must be fun as well. Great post you got here. Thanks for the information that you've shared with your readers. :)

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