Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brad Paisley

I purchased Brad Paisley tickets for Matthew for a Christmas present and he took me! Lol, if you know me, he really didn't have a choice on who he would take. Anyways, as usual it was fantastic! The music was incredible and the show was out of this world!

I was so excited. Matthew bought me Diary of a Player, a book written in part by Brad Paisley mainly about himself. I love this book! Each chapter is a song from one of his albums, they have quotes from his songs, stories about his life, tips, and most importantly...his SIGNATURE! I am so excited.

Scotty McCreery opened for Brad this year. Holy cow, what a voice! I will most likely be purchasing many of his songs soon to come. I know Matthew really enjoyed Scotty. He kept hoping he would win American Idol, and he did! 

After Scotty was the Band Perry. I wasn't too excited for this act. I find some of the songs annoying after hearing them over and over on the radio. Surprisingly, the main singer was AMAZING live! I couldn't believe it, she sounded so good. So I ended up really enjoying this part of the concert.

Then of course the man of the hour! Matthew got amazing pictures of him. He was so close to us for about 3 songs. It was so cool to see him so close to us.

Matthew loved all the songs, but none more than Camoflauge. Brad had a hologram of Carrie Underwood and then sang one of my recent favorites, "Remind Me." He also played "Then," and "Waitin' on a Woman." Those of course are some of my absolute favorites!

Overall, we were really pleased and had a really great time with one another. A huge thanks to Brad for taking the time to make sure his shows turn out to be some of the great concerts!

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