Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brad Paisley

I purchased Brad Paisley tickets for Matthew for a Christmas present and he took me! Lol, if you know me, he really didn't have a choice on who he would take. Anyways, as usual it was fantastic! The music was incredible and the show was out of this world!

I was so excited. Matthew bought me Diary of a Player, a book written in part by Brad Paisley mainly about himself. I love this book! Each chapter is a song from one of his albums, they have quotes from his songs, stories about his life, tips, and most importantly...his SIGNATURE! I am so excited.

Scotty McCreery opened for Brad this year. Holy cow, what a voice! I will most likely be purchasing many of his songs soon to come. I know Matthew really enjoyed Scotty. He kept hoping he would win American Idol, and he did! 

After Scotty was the Band Perry. I wasn't too excited for this act. I find some of the songs annoying after hearing them over and over on the radio. Surprisingly, the main singer was AMAZING live! I couldn't believe it, she sounded so good. So I ended up really enjoying this part of the concert.

Then of course the man of the hour! Matthew got amazing pictures of him. He was so close to us for about 3 songs. It was so cool to see him so close to us.

Matthew loved all the songs, but none more than Camoflauge. Brad had a hologram of Carrie Underwood and then sang one of my recent favorites, "Remind Me." He also played "Then," and "Waitin' on a Woman." Those of course are some of my absolute favorites!

Overall, we were really pleased and had a really great time with one another. A huge thanks to Brad for taking the time to make sure his shows turn out to be some of the great concerts!

52 Date Ideas

    Since we have been married, life has been so hectic for Matthew and I that we never make time to have dates. I complied a list of 52 mini-dates or actual dates for us to go on over the next year, hence the number 52. Some are very simple and cost nothing and some cost money and require more time. I figure as long as we give ourselves the opportunity we will be able to spend that valuable time together. It was very simple and you may use my list or pick and choose from my list. After I complied the ideas I printed them, cut them up, glued them to card stock, and placed them in a small box. Of course some are designed for winter and some for summer, when we hit that road block we will readjust. Lol. Stay tuned, if all goes well I plan to post each date with ideas and activities!

1. Mandy’s Choice 2. Walk around mall 3. Dollar Movie
4. Picnic 5. 20 questions 6. Temple
7. Board Games 8. Matt’s Choice 9. Chili’s
10. Blockbuster 11. Local Park 12. Fly Kites
13. Netflix 14. Ice Cream 15. Fondue
16. Go for a walk 17. MegaPlex 18. Cabella’s
19. Park City 20. Caramel Apples 21. Desert Theater
22. Stargazing 23. Go for a drive 24.Ice Cream Sundae
25. Yard Sale $5each 26. Gym 27. Volunteer
28. Bowling 29. Mexican Night 30. Italian Night
31. Order Pizza 32. $5 for Deseret Industries 33. Do You Know your Wife/Husband?
34. Visit a bakery 35. Bucket List 36. Nicklecade
37. Rockband 38. Kinect 39. Golf
42. Homemade Pizza 40. Sleepover 41. Spa night
43. Restaurant hop-Appetizer, Entrée, Deseret 44. Go to a sporting event
45. Walk around a college campus 46. Cook Dinner Together 47.Minigolf
48. BBQ 49. Cookies 50. Watch a sport together of Matt’s choice
51. Caramel popcorn 52. Find a City Deals Activity

Valentines Day 1

I got this idea from my pinterest account. It was from a cute blog with pre-made labels. I will share the blog on the last day just in case Matthew reads, I don't want him knowing what is next. I started this early, since there are 14 days til Valentines in February, but I have an actual gift for Valentines Day, plus it is fun for both Matthew and I.

Day 1: You are the "apple" of my eye.

In the blog she used dehydrated apples. I will use dried fruit in another day, so I went with apple leathers. I thought that apple juice would work also, as well as apple sauce, or a caramel apple, or a plain apple. If you are on a budget using some of these other options will save you some MONEY!

Stay tuned for Day 2!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Budgeting- A few tips!

Matthew and I have finally starting seeing the results of our sticking to a tight budget!  We have always had enough money to pay for our bills and then some, but no matter what after each month we ended up owing money. We started a budget a few months after our marriage, we have had to readjust constantly, but it has finally started to pay off. Here are some of the things we have done:

All bills are set up on auto bill pay, we established from the beginning we have enough, just need to plan ahead. When Matt gets paid he must cash his check, this was actually very helpful. Here is the first thing I learned.

1. Use CASH! We tried the credit card and tried to keep track of it all in our head, no good! Since Matt gets paid and has to cash his check we save a drive by having him get the cash at once. He gets our "free" money ($100/every 2 weeks), laundry ($25/2 weeks), and food money ($200/2 weeks). Here is the thing I learned about "free" money.

2. We, of course use cash, but we are only allowed a certain amount every few weeks. This amount we recieve must pay for gas, things we want, outside food (except when we go to dinner, it is $10 each and then anything over we pay for). This is extremely fair and keep us from ordering sugary drinks, appetizers, things we really don't need. The nice thing is once the money is used up, too bad. If you want something expensive, save up! It is hard, but it has really taught us patience, and smarts!

3. Stick to the budget! This is something we need to improve. It is easy for me to say, we have done so well, so I am going to buy us a movie. Bad IDEA, move forward, not back!

4. Talk about money, COMMUNICATE! This is something we have improved on overtime.

5. Watch your money, check the online banking system everyday!

6. Pay tithing! Huge blessings come from this. You have more control and overall more money. What a blessing. Curious about tithing? Check out www.LDS.org. :)

7. See if you can save money. We did this in many ways:
  • Shop for food daily-At first I was wasting so much money buying food til the next week. We were ending up throwing so much away! I was trying to buy produce to eat healthier and ended up throwing it away by the end of the week, since it was rotten. We also were invited every once in a while to dinner, didn't have money cause I already spent it. If we have extra money, by the end, we save it. If not, then we readjust our meals to save. 
  • Change insurance- We were paying over $190 per month with my teachers car insurance and over an additional $100 a year for home insurance. We switched providers this last year and are paying $153 per month for everything! Huge savings!
  • Phones- We were paying over $150 for our two cellphones and landlines through T-mobile. We switched to virgin mobile for the same amount of minutes, unlimited text, data now we pay only $70/month. We now have our land line through Skype for $2.99/month. By getting rid of our land line we saved money for internet by asking for stand alone service. We were paying $30 for internet and $30 for the phone. Now we pay $40 for stand alone with out the phone line cost!
  • Television- Downgraded to very basic package with Dish went from $54.99/month for television in every room with DVR to $20.99/month for the same thing, less channels. Added Netflix on our X-box/kindle/bedroom for $7.99/month. 
These are just some of the many things we changed in our daily lives that have made a HUGE difference in our finances.  Be aware that what works for us may not work for you. Here are just some things to think about and see if they fit your lifestyles!

Is there anything you do to keep your finances in order? If so, PLEASE share! I still need all the help I can get. :)


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A New Meaning to Jockstrap

Today we were reading "The First Day of School FOREVER!" and in our reading today the main character, Artie, accidentally pulls a jockstrap out of his backpack. Of course, none of the kids knew what a jockstrap was. So I do my best to describe the jockstrap as athletic support, usually boys where in football and such. Then a student yells, "Oh you mean a nut cup!" I swear I could have died then and there. I was so extremely red in the face. The kids were full on laughing, as was I. Needless to say, I won't be reading that book again for awhile.


Monday, January 9, 2012

And yet another thrilling conversation

Me, speaking to Matthew (he is half asleep again): I love you husband.
Matthew, speaking to me: I love you somebody else's wife.

Can somebody explain to me what the heck that one means?


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oh this has got to be the good life

We read about the life of the prophet George Albert Smith today. We mainly focused on his creed of life. He has a list of 11 things that he believes whole heartly in and tries to live by. It's pretty good. Here are some of my favorites, just pieces:

1. Be a friend to the friendless
2. Visit the sick and inspire them.
3. Teach the truth
5. Not seek to force people to live up to my ideals but rather just love them into doing the right thing. (love this)
8. Not knowing would the feelings of any.
9. Overcome selfishness and jealousy and rejoice in others success
10. Not be an enemy to anyone
11. Knowing the Redeemers plan and sharing it.

Anyways, President Smith and One Republic kind of inspired me to make my own top eleven things needed to live a good life. Mine is definitely not as deep, just a quick list of one worders. Feel free to add to the list.

Someone, it doesn't matter who, to share your life with.