Sunday, February 12, 2012

Date 2: Mandy's Choice

This was a perfect choice for this weekend. This weekend was our trip to Grand America! As you can see we were so surprised and excited. I was able to receive a free night and breakfast buffet for Grand America, I received this award along with my fellow fifth grade teachers for have the most improved CRT scores last year! I was a pretty incredible night. This was also perfect because it was the weekend before Valentine's Day as well as my birthday!

We checked in first and our room was absolutely beautiful!

 Did I mention the room had a doorbell!

 The view was incredible, too. Day or Night.They were so kind to us. They asked us what floor we wanted to be on AND if we wanted a view of the city or the mountains. We choose the city this time!

After we got settled in we went to The Garden at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. A beautiful view, beautiful food, and even better company!

Lol! What a meal! After dinner, we went to the Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration video. It was a nice, free, beautiful idea to spend our night watching something so wonderful. If you have not been to see it, GO!

Matthew also took me to Baskin Robbins for some yummy ice cream!

 We then celebrated and exchanged gifts. Matthew gave me some really awesome gifts! Dance Central 2 and Real Steel!

I surprised him with Day 12 and Day 13. 

Talk about service! We even had turn down service!

We then walked around the hotel. I tried to save this child from this monster, I think he saved me. Lol.

Some one was launching fireworks! Matthew tried to capture them from the garden area. Didn't turn out too good in the pictures.

I even got to try my first Macaron. I asked the lady if they were like cookies, she relied with, "Well, I wouldn't exactly call them a cookie. They are much more advanced." My bad. They were pretty interesting to try. 

The next morning we had our breakfast. Absolutely beautiful food and an excellent view.

Some extra photos we took.

Great date for Week 2!

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