Sunday, February 5, 2012

Date 1: Walk around the Mall

Yesterday, February 4th, Matthew and I completed our first date out of  the 52 dates I listed. Matthew choose the date earlier in the week so we could prepare.

First, I made us dinner.

I set the table, and lit some candles. 

I made chicken cordon blue, cheddar mashed potatoes, and corn. It was a nice relaxing, delicious dinner. 

Then off to the mall! This was such a fun, free date. We just wandered around and took pictures when we saw something that we wanted to include.

I had to get a picture of Matt in front of this store. I thought it was just hilarious! You'll see many more picture I just had to take of Matt! Such as below...
I thought these were just hilarious! I almost want some now

So many interesting things to see.
Had a hard time getting him to agree to some pictures, but he took his big boy pills!
I even got to try on some cute shoes! I LOVE shoes.
As anyone will tell you I love gnomes! These were just too cute to resist! I had to get a picture with a U of U gnome and a JAZZ gnome.

Found Matthew's jersey! Lol.

Then we found the Hallmark store and decided to have a competition to see who could find the funniest card! We gave a time limit of 5 minutes to locate the best. Here is what we came up with. Me first. 

Now onto my opponent Matthew
It even had a cute back!


Of course he let me win so we took a picture of me next to the special occasion center since it was such a special moment in both our lives.

After we went to Claire's and tried on some cute headbands! 

Overall, this was a really fun and cheap date. Stay tuned for Date 2 coming up soon!


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