Monday, August 15, 2011


Today I went into school and started some long needed work on my classroom. Today I mainly focused on getting my wall up to date. I figured its been what 6 years? Might as well add a splash of color. (I didn't before, because I was always afraid I would have to move again.)

Here is a wall I've always wanted to add. The students add problems they are facing and solutions to others using chalk. I like the idea of chalk because like our problems chalk comes and goes.

Here is a close up.

This will be done the first day of school and left up as a reminder. I used paint this year for borders and words. Saved time and money and I think made it more unique.


Another attempt to save time and money and make it unique. My birthday board!


I love Spiderman! I finished this along time ago. Spiderman is a HUGE theme in my classroom.

This is my Wall of Fame. When kids write me letter of draw me pictures, I hang them up like I would on my fridge. I take stuff off after years and years have gone by and add more. I used pictures on the kids as a border! It is actually pretty cute.

My explorer wall, with post cards. The kids always bring in post cards or money from where they travel and we add to it throughout the year. It has really grown!

This wall will be finished tomorrow. It will say just keep swimming in the corner and have a fish border theme going around. Stay tuned....


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