Thursday, August 11, 2011

Matthew's Baby Burrito

Took my sweet husband out to lunch today for being just a cute, sweet husband. We went to Texas Roadhouse first, it was closed. Then we went to Spaghetti Factory, not open til 5. Finally, we settled on Virg's. I don't know what he was thinking, well I do, he ordered a breakfast burrito thinking it was something entirely different.

Here it is.

Here is Matt getting ready to tackle it.

Here he is, I suppose, praying to get through this.

Here he is eating the monster. I swear, it was as big as his head.

Taking a break to breathe. Sorry lighting was horrible with my phone.

Needs a drink. Went through three just to down this.

Oh, did I mention he ordered a scone? He really had no idea what he was getting into.

Ready to barf, perhaps?

Or ready to cry?

Finally surrenders! (He wants me to mention, he DID finish the scone.)

Leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.

Needless to say a HILARIOUS lunch.



tkdmama said...

It looks like it was a good burrito! I've always wanted to try that place, now I think I'll have to.

Amanda McKnight said...

Go! It is a great place. Just expect A LOT of food!