Monday, August 1, 2011

I am rejunking

My amazing mother-in-law is dejunking! So I am rejunking! Lol. I love my mother-in-law, she has great taste! I can't believe she got rid of these plates. Matthew just loves that I have added a new taste of his life to our home. I took the serving plates that I received, attempted a few different types of looks on the white, since it was more versatile. After four or five attempts of using already at home stuff, we went to Pier One! Anyone who knows me, knows Pier One is a bad store to take me too. The green bookshelf below is from there. Had to make an extra trip to Park City to pick this one up! Anyways, found some Bamboo potpourri on sale and knew it would match instantly with the two rooms I wanted to put the plates in. Amazing what a little color can do.

The lamp on the shelf is from my grandmother. Again she was dejunking gave me millions of shirts for my kids to paint and this beautiful lamp. Fits perfectly on my Pier One shelf!


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